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Allan and Jim are a couple of septuagenarian automotive industry – trucks, cars and motorcycles – journalists/photographers, who have a passion for old vehicles, having written many stories about these pioneering makes and models of automotive history over several decades.

So, having watched print magazines slowly disappear from newsagent’s shelves, Jim and Allan thought of another way to preserve our motoring past.

They researched heavily, rewrote older material and digitised old photographs. They also interviewed enthusiasts who were still actively involved in the hobby or business of breathing life back into old vehicles, with the Australian pre-30-year rolling historic plate rule being the criteria.

Jim and Allan trust that the Historic Vehicles website offers you, the reader, an in-depth look at not only the vehicles, but also the pioneers – Henry Ford, Walter P Chrysler, the Graham Brothers, the Riley Brothers, W O Bentley, William Lyons, August Fruehauf, C A Tilt, Thomas White and one that you possibly won’t know of, Frank Smith –  whose vehicles progressively came Down Under during the last 100 years or so.

There is a plethora of informative reading, accompanied by quality photography for you to enjoy in the world of Historic Vehicles.

“Keeping Our Automotive History Alive,

Allan and Jim    




The Vulcan Motor and Engineering Company Limited, of Southport, England, made cars from 1902 until 1928 and commercial vehicles from 1914 until 1953. Many Vulcan trucks found their way Down Under, but very few survive.

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New Imperial

New Imperial

New Imperial was a British motorcycle manufacturer, founded originally in 1897 in Birmingham as a bicycle parts maker by Norman Downes. The company became New Imperial Motors Ltd in 1912, when serious motorcycle production commenced. 

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In 1909, Bobby Hupp co-founded the Hupp Motor Car Company, with Charles Hastings, formerly of Oldsmobile. Emil Nelson, formerly of Oldsmobile and Packard, was chief engineer. The Hupmobile brand survived the Great Depression, but ceased production in 1939. 

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