100 years of BMW motorcycles


Building motorcycles wasn’t BMW’s original core business, but post Word War I restrictions forced a change of direction. BMW-brand motorcyclists around the world can be grateful for that change.



BMW Motorrad is celebrating globally, but the focus is on a jubilee exhibition at the BMW Museum in Munich. For the next year or so, visitors will be able to explore the 100-year history of BMW Motorrad as the BMW Museum bowl honours BMW motorcycles by showcasing more than 55 originals, built during 10 decades.

Built in 1973, the architecture of the round building fascinates visitors to this day and presents a series of subjects across some 15 stations. The five larger exhibition levels are dedicated to the most famous BMW Motorrad designers, the different interests of customers, fascinating pairings of old and new and special model line-ups. 

There is also a separate platform showcasing special gems from the historic motorcycle collection of BMW Group Classic.



“The 100 years of BMW Motorrad is a success story,” said Markus Schramm, Head of BMW Motorrad. 

“And it’s the reason our jubilee year is peppered with a series of highlights: the anniversary exhibition 100 Years of BMW Motorrad at the BMW Museum in Munich: the BMW Motorrad Days; the inauguration of the BMW Motorradwelt in Berlin and, last but not least, a dazzling display of new models. 

“Our success story is about to continue, with our passion, team spirit and innovativeness, always mindful of our tradition, but always with visions and solutions for the future.”

You can check out our documented history of BMW Motorrad in the Motorcycle Brands section of this website.


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