BMW Group Classic comes Down Under


BMW Group Classic offers owners of historic BMWs the opportunity to restore and maintain their vehicles, ensuring they remain roadworthy and timeless. The Group Classic initiative has already proved successful in other countries.


Brett Hocking, General Manager, Customer Support, BMW Group Australia; Brad Worthington, Dealer Principal, Worthington BMW and Wolfgang Buechel, CEO, BMW Group Australia


New South Wales dealership, Worthington BMW, is the first in Australia to become a BMW Classic partner and joins 151 dealers worldwide in offering the BMW Group Classic program.

To ensure global standards are met, experts from the company’s BMW Group Classic department in Munich provide comprehensive technical training to dealership staff.  This investment in training and specialised workshop equipment to undertake service and maintenance work underscores the dealership’s commitment to invest in offering excellence in every restoration project.

Wolfgang Buechel, CEO of BMW Group Australia, expressed his enthusiasm for the initiative:

“BMW’s heritage dates back 108 years and is extremely important to our brand.

“The introduction of BMW Classic service has been successfully offered at our BMW Group Classic department in Munich for many years.

“A vibrant community of classic BMW enthusiasts in Australia includes 15 BMW Clubs nationwide that have over 5000 members.”

To mark the launch of BMW Classic at Worthington BMW, eight classic vehicles are currently on display in the showroom, allowing enthusiasts and customers to get up close and personal with these timeless classic vehicles.

BMW Australia is committed to further expanding this unique service, among its network of 48 dealers across the nation.


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