Book review – Tales from the Cancer Bus


This small-book review is different from most that we do, because it’s about antique people, not antique vehicles!



One of our Historic Vehicles supporters, John Hescott, a retired podiatrist, found himself on the opposite side of the clinician’s desk in 2015 and again in 2022. In the course of his cancer treatment he spent many hours travelling in a bus, with other patients, between the NSW Southern Highlands and Campbelltown, in Sydney’s far west.

It’s only a 32-page tome, so it’s very easily digested and shows only too clearly that everyone has a unique history and a story to tell. It’s a testimony to John’s open-hearted approach to life that he went to the time and expense writing and publishing this little book.

His aim wasn’t to make any money from the project and there are still a few copies of the book available free of charge to the first Historic Vehicles website donors who want them. Your donation amount needs to cover handling and postage – say, $30 minimum.

Step One is to go to our Contact section, to let us know you want a book reserved.


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