Motorlife Museum is a must-visit venue


We visited the Motorlife Museum at Kembla Grange near Wollongong NSW last month and were amazed at the stellar display of automotive history under one roof.



The Museum contains a mouth-watering array of cars, motorcycles and memorabilia from the last century and is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. 

And we’ve got to say how spotless every item was – be it a vehicle, component or advertising material – there wasn’t a speck of dust anywhere. The Museum is always keen to accept volunteer help.

If you live nearby, or are travelling near Wollongong, we can assure you it’s a definite port-of-call for any motoring enthusiast. 

A conservative entry fee goes toward the upkeep of this jewel-in-the crown display of our automotive history.

The address and contact details are contained in the Motorlife advertisement we have placed on our website.

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