Number plate auction in late June


Collecting Cars, a leading global online platform for the sale of classic, performance and collectible cars, will conduct its first catalogued heritage number plate sale in Australia this month.

The auction catalogue includes rare double-digit plates from New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory.

“Heritage number plates aren’t just prestigious vehicle accessories, they are a fast-growing asset class,” said Lee Hallett, Head of Asia-Pacific at Collecting Cars.

“This auction will be a rare opportunity for car enthusiasts and heritage number plate investors to secure these exceptional and valuable number combinations.

“There are some special examples on offer and, because they originate in a number of Australian states, we are expecting bidders from across the country.”

Headlining the auction will be the NSW-issued plate with the number ‘54’.

The ACT-issued plate combination ‘92’ will also be available to purchase.

Rare low-number, two-digit combinations are highly prized in the heritage number plate market.

A number of triple-digit heritage plates from New South Wales, Queensland and Tasmania will also be offered.

Among these rare black-and-white offerings will be a Victoria Bicentenary plate with the combination ‘1788’.

The Collecting Cars auction catalogue will also include a series of symmetrical combinations and number patterns, such as NSW ‘48884’, QLD ‘303’ and ‘2222’ from Western Australia.

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