The end of Holden-Ford rivalry at Bathurst


The 2022 event was the last time the Holden-Ford rivalry was fought out on the great Mount Panorama track. Jim Gibson recorded some interesting side-issues from past 1000-kilometre events.



Remember the days when Peter Williamson commentated the Great Bathurst Race from the driver’s seat of his Toyota Celica racing car? He was the ideal choice as Seven’s Racecam pioneer back in 1979 and he helped develop in-car camera coverage that we see today. 

Peter used to relay his commentary back to race commentator Mike Raymond in the Channel 7 control room on pit straight. The poor communications technology at the time meant he had to ‘wing it’ as he commentated while he drove – those were the days.

He would often aim a one-liner at the V8s, saying things like: ”Move over, yank tank,” and “Gas guzzler.” 

He credited his time at his Toyota dealership as ‘character building’ and the source of his continual one liners. 

His acceptance of the on-board technology, when bigger names shunned it, led to Peter’s growth as a motor sport character and successful car dealer.

Unfortunately, Peter Williamson has passed away, but will be forever remembered as the key first adopter of in-car camera technology – RIP.


   Dick Johnson (17) in pursuit of Peter Brock (05) in 1982


We have not only lost Williamson, but the great and fierce rivalry between Australia’s two top locally manufactured car brands Holden and Ford.

Also, we’ve lost one of the two fiercest rival drivers – the great Peter Brock, nine times winner of the Great Race and the hero of the Holden brigade. Peter was tragically killed in a motor sport rally event in 2006. 

Kind-of ‘lost’ is Brock’s nemesis and Ford hero Allan Moffat, who unfortunately has dementia. However, his old racing mates who also live in Melbourne – Fred Gibson and Larry Perkins – often take Allan out to lunch to relive the past with him. 


Who will ever forget that one-two formation finish by the Falcons, with Allan Moffat and Colin Bond in 1977.


The last Bathurst Holden win – 2022 – fittingly, 50 years after Peter Brock’s first of nine Bathurst victories.

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