Upside Down – book review


The title of this book might suggest to some that its author suffered a serious truck accident, but that’s not the case. Peter Howell came to Australia as a 16-year-old ‘Pom’ and therefore spent his entire working life ‘Upside Down’.




That ‘Upside Down’ description also fitted his situation when he was confined to a wheelchair, as the result of a non-vehicle-related accident in 2020 – a two second incident that turned his life Upside Down again.

Before that life-changing moment, Peter Howell, a British historic sports car enthusiast, had enjoyed a very successful truck driving and truck fleet management career. 

As we all know, the 1960s saw truck freight increase exponentially in Australia and today’s trucks proudly boast that if trucks stop, Australia stops. This book traces trucking development Down Under, via the pen of a expat-Pom truck driver who became a key figure in the Western Australian road transport scene.

His story covers outback truck driving in the 1960s, before he moved to Perth and worked for Kimberley Carriers, Bell Freight Lines and Key Transport, before establishing Nexus Freight. 

For those interested in the Australian road transport scene in the 1960s-2000s timeframe, this book is a worthwhile investment. It’s also a testimony to the courage of a man who lives positively with quadriplegia.

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