You can buy Brock’s ex-company car


Collecting Cars, the global online sales platform for classic, performance and collectible cars, has just listed what is probably Australia’s most famous ex-company car.



Peter Brock’s personal HDT VK Group A SS, car number 005, is one of the 500 examples built by HDT to meet international Group A racing homologation requirements. The car is currently located in Melbourne.

This historically important example of Australia’s most famous ‘Blue Meanie’ – a four-speed manual example – shows 79,724 kilometres on its odometer. It was completed at the original HDT (Holden Dealer Team) workshops in Port Melbourne, Victoria in May 1985.

Included in the car’s comprehensive document file is an HDT letter confirming it as initially being Peter Brock’s personal company car. The letter is signed by his long-time teammate, the late John Harvey.

“This is a rare opportunity to own a piece of Australian motoring history,” said Lee Hallett, head of the Asia-Pacific region at Collecting Cars. 

“If there is one Holden model that represents the best of Brock and the Commodore’s racing success it is the HDT VK Group A SS.

‘To own car 005 would be any dedicated Brock fan’s dream.”

The HDT VK Group A SS is widely regarded as the most famous Commodore model series created, thanks in large part to Peter Brock’s successful racing career with Holden.

The limited-edition HDT VK Group A SS is instantly recognisable, thanks to its distinct Formula Blue paintwork, which is the inspiration for its nickname.



This famous HDT-enhanced model series was fitted with a 4.9-litre Holden V8 engine that produced 196kW at 5200rpm, with peak torque of 418Nm at 3600rpm.

An M21 four-speed manual gearbox was fitted as standard equipment and a T5 five-speed manual transmission was optionally available.

You can view the Collecting Cars listing for this car here. Bidding is now open.

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