Your chance to buy a unique Egli-Vincent


The standout offering at the 2022 AMCA Bulli Antique Motorcycle Weekend, to be held south of Sydney on August 27th 2022, is a unique Egli-Vincent.



This particular motorcycle was created by Fritz Egli in Switzerland in 2016 for the prominent Sydney doctor and vintage motorcycle collector, Luis Gallur. 

This is a one-off model, produced as a special favour, because Fritz sold his Egli-Vincent manufacturing rights to Patric Godet. The bike has travelled only 800 kilometres since it was built and is available in perfect condition.

However, genuine Egli-Vincents are scarce and this one is as rare as they get, so bring plenty of money with you – the estimate is a starting price of A$155,000.

The Egli Saga began back in the 1960s, when Fritz Egli decided to make his Vincent race bike more competitive with newer machinery. 

In 1965 Fritz began racing a Vincent Rapide in the Swiss hill climb championship. After two seasons of ongoing modifications to the engine and the chassis that still couldn’t get him on the winner’s dais, he faced the fact that the Vincent chassis was completely outdated, compared with the benchmark Norton Manx.

Fritz Egli simply designed a new frame during the 1966/1967 winter and went out to win against the day’s fastest motorcycles.

The frame’s secret was a 75mm-diameter tubular ‘spine’ upper section and the design also employed the engine as a stressed member. The tubular section doubled as the oil tank, saving space and weight.

After winning the 1968 Swiss motorcycle hill climb championship, Fritz Egli picked up orders for replica Egli-Vincents.

He went on to become famous for his frame designs for large Japanese motorcycle engines of the 1970s, especially the Honda CB750 four and the first big four-stroke motorcycles from Kawasaki.

The Live and Online auction begins at 10am, on-site at the Bulli AMCA event Bulli Showground, Grevillea Park Road, Bulli, NSW. Of course, there are many other bikes on offer, at more affordable prices!

Bidding options include Live on the day and Online at or by telephone: Keith Levy,  +61 499 099 906.

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