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Ode to Holden


Here’s a poem written about the release of the first Holden in 1948. Ron Williams wrote it for the 48 215 50th Anniversary when he attended the celebrations at Lang Lang, Fishermen’s Bend and Albert Park.



1948 48 215


Way back in 1948, a car rolled off the line.

The day Australia waited for, November 29.


Ben Chifley was Prime Minister, the Leader of the day.

He ushered in what soon became an icon here to stay.


It gained a reputation, being rugged on the land.

But Holden couldn’t build enough to satisfy demand.


People bought them ‘Sight Unseen’, from any Dealer who

Would let them be the leader of, that quickly growing queue.


And then in 1951, a coupe ute was released.

It soon became the ‘Tradesman’s Choice’, the others were ‘Deceased’.


1953 was when the ‘Air-ride’ came along.

Though still a ’48 215′, it sang an ‘FJ’ song.


It came with telescopic shocks and wider rear springs too.

For as the name implies my friend, ‘They Rode the Air with You’.


Now some say: “FX Holden” and some say: “Saints Alive”.

But a ‘Rose will always be a Rose’, like ’48 215′!!



Ron Williams, 29th November 1998

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