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National Motoring Heritage Day 2023


The annual National Motoring Heritage Day promotes and displays Australia’s strong motoring heritage.


The display is held on the third Sunday of May every year, in the NSW South Coast town of Berry. Owners of all types of vintage, veteran and classic vehicles are encouraged to display their vehicles and meet up with like-minded enthusiasts.

Shoalhaven Historic Vehicle Club again hosted the National Motoring Heritage Day on Sunday 21st May 2023. The theme was Fashion and Transport Through the Years 1900 to 1990s.

Prominent among several sponsors was the familiar Shannons rig and helpful staff.

Historic Vehicles – – was there and we snapped plenty of photos. We’d love to feature some of the vehicles we saw and would appreciate hearing from clubs or owners whose vehicles we photographed.

There is obviously no charge to vehicle owners whose machines are featured on the website.

Here are our highlights:




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