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1924 Colonial Touring Dodge


This nearly 100-year-old Dodge has spent its life in the hot, dry climate of inland Australia, so is in excellent condition. It’s interesting in that it began life as a tourer and was converted to a ute in 1947.




The 1924 Dodge was sold by Horace Leech, salesman with Davies Bros Motors Ltd, Oxide Street, Broken Hill, on August 26th, 1924 to one William Parham.

Davies Bros motors was founded in 1909 and had garages in Blende Street and Crystal Streets, before moving to larger premises in Oxide Street, in 1915. (Broken Hill’s mining-oriented street names are a feature of the town.)



Davies Bros became agents for Dodge and Overland vehicles in 1917. In 1924, the building was enlarged and in 1926 a new showroom was opened. The company was selling 100 vehicles every year, until the Great Depression, but soldiered on until eventually closing in 1941.



William Pelham operated a foundry in Broken Hill, until 1946, when the family moved to a property near Kaunda, South Australia. The Dodge went with them and was converted into a ute, for farm work that it continued to perform until 1970, when it was put on blocks.

In 1978, the Dodge was bequeathed to Jim Stephenson of Broken Hill. The ute returned to its first home and Jim drove it numerous runs, with the Broken Hill Veteran and Vintage Car Club.




In 1981, it went back on blocks for two years, after which it was lent to Lifeline, for promotional work.

By 1987 the Dodge was no longer being used by Lifeline, so it was bought by Bruce Church, who also drove he ute on many Club trips, including the 1988 Bay to Burwood.



As at early 2022 the 1924 Colonial Touring Dodge is still in original, restored condition and has nothing other than routine maintenance and wear-parts replacements, including the front end and brakes.



A rumour buzzing around Broken Hill suggested that the Dodge ute might be offered for sale, so if you’re interested, drop us an email at Historic Vehicles.















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