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Barn find – ’29 Chev


This 1929 Chevrolet International AC sedan time capsule has been preserved in a shed on the NSW Southern Highlands for more than 40 years and was last registered in 1968.



Considering the amount of time this vehicle was neglected, the condition is amazing. Rats haven’t feasted on the upholstery or the ignition high tension leads, as is the norm with vehicles stored in a farm shed for that period.





A lady from Mittagong bought it a few years ago and when she went to collect it, she took her mechanic to start it and drive it out into the daylight. 



All that was needed was a petrol drain and refill, a check and replenishment of the other fluids, a battery and some tinkering under the bonnet. 



The old girl fired up and ran like it was last fired up yesterday. After all those years she hadn’t forgotten the old four-stroke routine of : suck, squeeze, bang, blow.   


The new owner intended to leave it unrestored, for a while anyway and, when we last heard, she was driving it into Bowral to do her shopping!      



















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