Car Restoration Projects

Mercedes-Benz 250 SE Coupe 1966


Rod Barrett’s Multi-Award winning Mercedes-Benz has undergone a complete ‘nuts and bolts’ restoration over several years. The attention to detail is astonishing.



Prizes include Overall Winner at the Mercedes-Benz Club NSW 2018 Concours d’Elegance that was held in conjunction with the Sydney German Autofest. The trophy board was for the overall win and the car also won Best Restoration and Class Winner on the day.

At the same show in 2019, it won Best Restoration and at the Australian Capital Territory All German Day 2019, it was Class Winner.



Another award in 2019 was the ICJAG (International Chief Judges Advisory Group) Sydney Concours d’Elegance, Best in Class – Classic German.

Every part was disassembled and either refurbished or replaced. Most impressive is that the major portion of the hard tasks, apart from the superb painting and the leatherwork, were done by the owner. 



Machinery Cleanery products were used throughout the restoration process and we’ll let Machinery Cleanery’s photographs tell the resto story.

























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