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Wedding to a ‘T’


We get some odd requests at Historic Vehicles and one of the standout enquiries in 2023 was from a young bride-to-be from the NSW Southern Highlands. Could we help her find an historic truck for a wedding vehicle?


Ashleigh H’s father is a truckie, whose love for trucks and machinery passed onto her.

“I learnt to drive in a little Toyota Dyna at the ripe old age of five,“ said Ashleigh. “So it didn’t take long before I was driving tractors and other farm machinery on my nan’s and pop’s hobby farm.

“I love driving so much that my partner is almost always the passenger when we travel. 

“Harry isn’t as invested in vintage machinery as I am, but supports my hobbies and interests regardless.

“I think the reason I love vintage machinery so much is that I’m in awe of the technology of those times and I can only imagine the workload they faced back then”.

So, our shared love of old gear isn’t confined to the grey-haired brigade!



We got in touch with the Southern Highlands Antique Commercial Vehicle and Machinery Club and found they were only too happy to help. The recommended vehicle was a beautifully restored Ford Model T tow truck, with a distinctive wooden crane on its tray.

We put its owner, Peter S in touch with Ashleigh and, in due course, the little gloss-black and polished-wood jewel was tarted up for the Big Day.

“The Model T was a perfect wedding vehicle choice for me as the theme for our wedding was to be rustic and as genuine to ourselves as possible,” said Ashleigh.

The wedding venue was the Bungalow Guesthouse in Fitzroy Falls and the plan was for a beautiful garden wedding, highlighting any vehicle that drove up the long driveway. However, the weather had other plans and the rain bucketed down. 



“Regardless of the weather, it was still a fantastic day,” said Ashleigh.

“Since the wedding, my dad hasn’t stopped telling people about the Model T and is very quick to flash the pictures that Peter took.”

All the best for your future, Ashleigh and Harry, from the Historic Vehicles team.

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